Northern Borders


Disappearances cover A Stranger in the Kingdom movie Where the Rivers Flow North movie

My close friend and long-time Northeast Kingdom neighbor, the acclaimed independent filmmaker Jay Craven, has made three of my novels into movies: Where the Rivers Flow North, with Rip Torn, the renowned Native North American actress Tantoo Cardinal, and Michael J. Fox; A Stranger in the Kingdom, with Ernie Hudson and Martin Sheen; and, most recently, Disappearances, starring Kris Kristofferson as the irrepressible whiskey runner Quebec Bill Bonhomme. Sometimes people ask me what it’s like to see a book I’ve written made into a film. It’s simply terrific. The characters come to life all over again, in new and compelling ways, on the screen. Also, it’s been a world of fun to watch Jay film his movies on location in the mud, rain, and snow of backwoods northern Vermont. And now I'm delighted to report that as of this March (2012) Jay will begin filming my personal favorite Howard Frank Mosher novel: Northern Borders.Thank you, Jay Craven. And thanks to all of the actors, technicians, artists, musicians, and investors, from Vermont and far beyond, who have helped bring about these movies.

On Location in Vermont